The Best Online Conference Platforms 2021

best online media conference software

File Sharing, Analytics, and Whiteboarding

Online conference is used to simplify the collaboration of individuals in any business process, be it education, business, sales, customer service, research, social networking or other. Web conferencing can be used for online meetings among different groups of people located anywhere in the world for a specified purpose. Online conference services are widely available these days. However, the availability of such services is greatly dependent upon the quality of the service provider one choose.

Web conferencing is being used nowadays as an umbrella word for different kinds of online, collaborative services and online conferencing including web meetings, webinars, and online conferences. It is a good tool for presenting slides or videos with the help of a desktop or laptop computer and a microphone and speakers. There are various advantages of using web conference apart from presenting the presentations. Nowadays, you can use web conferencing to give instructions to your employees in workshops, provide updates or answers to questions from the audience etc. It also helps to conduct training sessions and lectures on specific topics to large numbers of attendees spread all over the world.

The online conference platforms are becoming highly advanced day by day with the introduction of interactive features in the platforms. You can use interactive features of the platform to present and distribute information or data in a more interactive manner than the conventional way of distributing information through newspapers, books, conference directories etc. With the introduction of interactive features in the conference platforms, it is possible to present data and information in a way that it can attract more guests and invite them to participate in the ongoing session. The interactive features of the platforms enable the attendees to interact with each other and make presentations using a whiteboard or other multimedia devices. Nowadays, you can also use your cell phones or Blackberries to participate in the conference.

Another benefit of the online conference is that you can send forecasts to your attendees who may not be able to attend your conference due to various reasons. The forecasts are easily downloadable, so you can send them either before the conference starts or at any time during the event. You can also use webinars to share your message with your business associates and customers.

Most of the online conference platforms come with extensive tools for analytics and with the passage of time, these tools are improving. Today you can get access to detailed statistics about the number of participants attending your conference and the number of pages downloaded from the website. Some of the tools provide you with comprehensive statistics on the number of people who accessed the webinar, how many times the webinar was viewed and how long the views lasted. You can use these statistics to track the progress of your online events such as attendance and views.

Most of the webinar platforms have integrated file sharing features to help you create presentation attachments such as PowerPoint, PDF, JPEG and other file formats. You can utilize these file formats to share your webinar content with others using any web browser. These file formats are supported by most of the popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Android devices. You can also integrate a whiteboard into your online events and display any information related to your conference. You can record your webinar and share it using any of the popular video sharing services such as YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Facebook and others.

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